Got Womp?

STUNNING track from ENiGMA Dubz, this whole album is fantastic, but this one really stands out. Dank n Dirty Dubz doing nasty things as usual, with today being a day to reflect on all the wonderful music we’ve enjoyed this year. 

Another massive tune on the FREE RELEASE?

Aesop Rock - No City vs Citronella (Oxidia Re-work)

What are you waiting for? It’s free.

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This song makes me feel like a badass. 

SP:MC & LX One - Hunted

FREE DUBSTEP - Sub Antix and Ponicz

FREE MUSIC ALERT!!! This week we’ve got two huge releases from heavyweights Sub Antix and Ponicz. If you’re into the deeper sound your in for a treat. The Sub Antix & Horrors “The Walls EP” features two deep “SUBtractive” tunes sure to get 

you moving in weird ways. The Ponicz 1000 Likes EP features 7 wet n wobbly tracks aimed at getting the party started. Both albums are FREE so get on it!!! {hob}

Sub Antix:

Glitchy sultry, tender bass from KILL CITY, a dubstep/electro group making big strides out of Seattle, WA. This one is a slight departure from their regular sound, featuring a smooth bassline, fresh drums, and a blend of unique, retro sounds that will make your head bounce. Go support these guys and DOWNLOAD FREE “Like Butter.”

Loving this fresh track from Brutus. It’s what we like to refer to as… “Next Level Shit”

Give it a listen and download free below!

This is some seeerious wompy business from SUBFILTRONIK

Take a listen to this massive, high energy track stock full of mind-boggling bassy goodness. Really unique style and really well done. Major props to Damage!

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&lt;3 truly magic



<3 truly magic


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Treat your ears right. Listen to this album.

Only fivedolla

Cyberoptics —- Harlequin Dreams [new]

Doesn’t really get any better than this. Cyberoptics has one of the deepest and gut wrenching bass synths i’ve heard and this song is no exception. one of my fav tunes of 2011, had to post this up for those who haven’t heard. [hob]

Subscape Screw Up

Pretty epic song, dunno if you guys have heard it. 

—pretty epic indeed vin. one of my top songs of all time!! bigup man!! (staywompy)

h0rr0r-p0p said: life is too fucking crazy

yes indeed. fucking madness init?


"GRIM" — Enigma

Killer Smurf by Nate Hallinan

HUGE Stuff by Enigma as per usual. 

I love this track because he so skillfully manipulates the voice of the bassline — the melody jus hits me so hard.

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Huge track by Feed Me. a must listen! doesn’t sound like most of his stuff either. i love finding a massive track that i’ve heard played out and could never put a name to it. best feeling. 

buy it